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Top 5 Best Lifetime Free Credit Card in India 2022

Credit cards are an integral part of our day-to-day lives. They allow us to purchase items that we would otherwise not be able to do so. But they also come with many fees and charges, which means they are not without their downside. If you are looking for a credit card that will not charge a fee, is free for life, or offers rewards, keep reading because we have some options.

A free credit card is not just a happy present for the new year. It is a gift that keeps on giving. They allow you to get into the habit of spending wisely, which helps you save money. They also allow you to earn cash back on your purchases and help you build up your points. In order to find the best free credit cards, you need to know what to look for. These cards will provide you with the best benefits and protections as well as a huge signup bonus. There are 5 best free credit cards in India to consider.

Top 5 Best Lifetime Free Credit Card in India 2022

Here I will tell you about the Top 5 Lifetime Free Credit Cards. You can order for yourself by applying.

1. IDFC First Bank Credit Cards

IDFC First Bank credit cards are one of the best lifetime-free credit cards today in the market. All four variants (Millennia, Select, Classic, and Wealth) are LTF and offer the same rewards. The cards also offer complimentary railway/airport lounge access, and roadside assistance among other benefits.

2. Amazon Pay ICICI Bank Credit Card

Amazon Pay ICICI Bank credit card is one of the best for Amazon purchases. If offers between 2% to 5% unlimited rewards on Amazon spends and 1% on all other spends. Unlimited rewards can add up to a significant amount for Amazon purchases alone. If you don’t have Infinia/DCB, this is the card to have for Amazon India shopping.

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3. HDFC Bank Millennia/Regalia Credit Card

This one is not LTF as per product info but is issued LTF in most cases. HDFC Bank Millennia and Regalia credit cards carry an annual fee but can be LTF with two conditions. It can be a Smartpay registration or a one-time spend amount for the first 90 days. Both Millennia and Regalia are great cards to have. Check out the Millennia vs Regalia comparison to find out which is a good fit for you.

4.  Axis Myzone Credit Card

An amazing Credit Card in this segment that gives 40% off on Swiggy (equivalent to >5000 INR savings a year) and complimentary airport lounge access.

5. HSBC Visa Platinum Credit Card

An entry-level lifetime free card that has Airmiles as a redemption option? Good to be true but we have the HSBC Platinum credit card with just that. The USP of this card is reward redemption for Airmiles and Hotel Loyalty memberships. We can transfer accumulated rewards on this card in a 1:1 ratio to Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer, British Airways Avios, and Taj Inner Circle. Even the premium HDFC Bank Infinia does not support this.


Top 5 Best Lifetime Free Credit Card in India 2022 The Five Best Lifetime Free Credit Cards in India If you are a credit card holder, you are likely familiar with the annual fee of the cards. But what about the lifetime fee? In some cases, the lifetime fee is waived for a certain period. But these cards have a lifetime fee attached to them. This makes them a little more expensive than the service charge cards. But if you are looking for a card that will provide you with a lifetime of rewards and benefits, these cards are a good option.

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